Why you should enroll in an ATV safety course


Riding your ATV may sound like an awesome weekend or holiday activity, but it can become a dangerous sport, especially for newbies.

So, apart from wearing special protective gear and keeping an eye on the road, we would also suggest enrolling in a safety class and learning a few useful things. Here are some aspects that you will come across if you decide to opt for an ATV safety course.

Classes for various age groups

Safety is important at all ages, but you need to pay extra attention if you’re a parent trying to teach your kid to drive an ATV properly. Keep in mind that you don’t need a driving license to operate a four-wheeled vehicle and, in some countries, even children under the age of 12 are encouraged to learn how to drive ATVs.

As a parent, it is important to teach your child the basic rules of driving safety.


How to properly use the equipment

Another thing you will be learning in an ATV safety class is what type of equipment you’ll need and how to use it properly. Don’t forget that safety should always come first, and this is why you shouldn’t drive without a protective helmet and gloves.

Accessories are important too, especially if you plan on driving during the night. Keep an eye on a brand new reflective vest, some ATV lights or at least a decent flashlight. A winch could also prove helpful, especially if you get stuck with your vehicle.


How to choose the proper ATV

Depending on the age and the experience of the driver, you will have to choose from various brands and models of ATVs. Some of them are more powerful, while others are designed for different terrain s or seasons, such as ATVs for winter. Finding the right size of vehicle is also important. If you want to train your children, it would be best to opt for small-sized ATVs that are safe and which don’t have powerful motors.

Driving tips and techniques

Although driving a four-wheeled vehicle is not very difficult, it would be best to learn the basics from a professional trainer. You will learn how to keep your hands on the ATV properly, how to stop and turn, as well as how to ride over obstacles or avoid them.

Lastly, an ATV safety class will deal with local rules and regulations. Keep in mind that each state comes with its own laws that need to be followed, so it would be best first to learn the local legislation and keep an eye on exceptions if you think about driving your ATV in a different state or even a different country.


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