4 great ATVs for hunters


Before you get your camp ready for the following season, you need to check the rides that are available on the market. Some models are upgraded with all sorts of cool features that are worthy of your attention.

Before making a final choice, you should start by making your own personal wishlist that contains the things that work best for your needs. Moreover, it’s important to be realistic and set your goals according to the budget you are willing to spend.

Also, you should know a thing or two about the type of ride that you typically engage in. For example, if you use the ATV or the UTV on rough terrain or for climbing hills, you might want to check out some powerful machines. Since digging through mud can be quite a challenge, you’ll want a vehicle with a powerful engine to ensure the towing goes smoothly.

Here you can find a small selection of rides that we believe might do a fantastic job for you. They were highly praised by previous owners.


  1. Polaris Ranger XP 1000

Several reviews mention this brand because of its large display of products build with top-notch materials and accessories. This model is an excellent choice if you’ve always dreamed of having a powerful ATV in your collection.

The unit features a motor with 80 horsepower capacity and a 999cc twin-cylinder engine. This translates to enough power to face any critical situation you might encounter in the outdoors.

One of the most important aspects is that you are able to easily control this tremendous power using the special digital Tri-mode throttle system which is outfitted with three settings.

Basically, you’ve got the work mode that enables you to use a lower speed while taking full advantage of the massive level of torque.  

Then comes the normal mode that is usually recommended if you want to keep the engine at an optimum running level. Lastly, the performance mode boosts your access to the horsepower if you want some adrenaline rush.


  1. Honda Pioneer 1000 LE

If you’re a tad nostalgic and you used to own an old Honda ride, you might want to take a look at the Honda Pioneer 1000 LE. This piece of beauty relies on a strong CVT-belt transmission that gives the possibility to choose between six different gears, in high or low range.  This is one main reason why this ATV has gained popularity among users.


  1. Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec EPS

Even though this one is not entirely a sports machine, this machine comes with an adjustable suspension system that comes in handy for rebound purposes. Furthermore, it is built with a cool roof and rigid doors. Due to the four-wheel-drive manufacturing, the unit is easy to handle even on rough surfaces.


  1. Can-Am Defender HD10

Many ATV or UTV enthusiasts often complain about storage compartments. You can say goodbye to this issue because this vehicle offers you a huge cargo box, aside from the adjustable seats and plenty of storage room.



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