Why you should enroll in an ATV safety course


Riding your ATV may sound like an awesome weekend or holiday activity, but it can become a dangerous sport, especially for newbies.

So, apart from wearing special protective gear and keeping an eye on the road, we would also suggest enrolling in a safety class and learning a few useful things. Here are some aspects that you will come across if you decide to opt for an ATV safety course.

Classes for various age groups

Safety is important at all ages, but you need to pay extra attention if you’re a parent trying to teach your kid to drive an ATV properly. Keep in mind that you don’t need a driving license to operate a four-wheeled vehicle and, in some countries, even children under the age of 12 are encouraged to learn how to drive ATVs.

As a parent, it is important to teach your child the basic rules of driving safety.


How to properly use the equipment

Another thing you will be learning in an ATV safety class is what type of equipment you’ll need and how to use it properly. Don’t forget that safety should always come first, and this is why you shouldn’t drive without a protective helmet and gloves.

Accessories are important too, especially if you plan on driving during the night. Keep an eye on a brand new reflective vest, some ATV lights or at least a decent flashlight. A winch could also prove helpful, especially if you get stuck with your vehicle.


How to choose the proper ATV

Depending on the age and the experience of the driver, you will have to choose from various brands and models of ATVs. Some of them are more powerful, while others are designed for different terrain s or seasons, such as ATVs for winter. Finding the right size of vehicle is also important. If you want to train your children, it would be best to opt for small-sized ATVs that are safe and which don’t have powerful motors.

Driving tips and techniques

Although driving a four-wheeled vehicle is not very difficult, it would be best to learn the basics from a professional trainer. You will learn how to keep your hands on the ATV properly, how to stop and turn, as well as how to ride over obstacles or avoid them.

Lastly, an ATV safety class will deal with local rules and regulations. Keep in mind that each state comes with its own laws that need to be followed, so it would be best first to learn the local legislation and keep an eye on exceptions if you think about driving your ATV in a different state or even a different country.


5 tips for when you buy your first UTV or ATV


If you are looking forward to buying your first ATV or UTV, there are a few technical and non-technical things to keep in mind, if you want to make a good choice. There are plenty of great options on the market, so if you found a model that caught your attention, make sure it has the following features.

But first, a buying tip that applies universally is to compare the two terms. A UTV has a side-by-side seating arrangement, unlike an ATV which usually comes with just one seat, for the rider. The first type of vehicle also has more belts and all kinds of protection features, which makes it much safer for an inexperienced driver.

You can carry heavier loads with a UTV, while the second type is better on rougher terrains and in snowy situations. An ATV can even support a snow plow, which can be quite handy if you’re looking for a quick solution to clean your driveway with as little effort as possible. This tip will help you decide what type of vehicle you need.

A trick to make sure you apply when you buy one of the two types of vehicles is to test ride the preferred model. See how comfortable you feel in the seat, and how easy it is to operate it. Check if you can change the direction smoothly, and if the noise seems reasonable and not overly loud, or with other signs that might make you think the engine is broken.

Another tip that professionals insist on is to check the oil, even if the product you buy is new. Just remove the oil dipstick and inspect it. If it smells weird and if it has crusty bits attached, it means something is not right, and that engine might be in distress. Ask the seller, if possible, how old is the oil and when it was changed the last time.

A fourth advice would be to consider what’s the intended use for the vehicle you’re about to buy. If you are an outdoor adventure lover, invest in a high-quality ATV, since it will allow you to explore even remote parts of a forest or a mountain.

But ATVs are not useful if you want to share the experience with your friends unless they own one too. If you desire to share the ride, a UTV would be perfect for that.

And the last piece of advice I have to offer is always to trust your instincts. However, if you have doubts when it comes to choosing between two models, you can ask a mechanic about technical details such as tires and the chassis, because the general public is not educated on these topics.

4 great ATVs for hunters


Before you get your camp ready for the following season, you need to check the rides that are available on the market. Some models are upgraded with all sorts of cool features that are worthy of your attention.

Before making a final choice, you should start by making your own personal wishlist that contains the things that work best for your needs. Moreover, it’s important to be realistic and set your goals according to the budget you are willing to spend.

Also, you should know a thing or two about the type of ride that you typically engage in. For example, if you use the ATV or the UTV on rough terrain or for climbing hills, you might want to check out some powerful machines. Since digging through mud can be quite a challenge, you’ll want a vehicle with a powerful engine to ensure the towing goes smoothly.

Here you can find a small selection of rides that we believe might do a fantastic job for you. They were highly praised by previous owners.


  1. Polaris Ranger XP 1000

Several reviews mention this brand because of its large display of products build with top-notch materials and accessories. This model is an excellent choice if you’ve always dreamed of having a powerful ATV in your collection.

The unit features a motor with 80 horsepower capacity and a 999cc twin-cylinder engine. This translates to enough power to face any critical situation you might encounter in the outdoors.

One of the most important aspects is that you are able to easily control this tremendous power using the special digital Tri-mode throttle system which is outfitted with three settings.

Basically, you’ve got the work mode that enables you to use a lower speed while taking full advantage of the massive level of torque.  

Then comes the normal mode that is usually recommended if you want to keep the engine at an optimum running level. Lastly, the performance mode boosts your access to the horsepower if you want some adrenaline rush.


  1. Honda Pioneer 1000 LE

If you’re a tad nostalgic and you used to own an old Honda ride, you might want to take a look at the Honda Pioneer 1000 LE. This piece of beauty relies on a strong CVT-belt transmission that gives the possibility to choose between six different gears, in high or low range.  This is one main reason why this ATV has gained popularity among users.


  1. Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec EPS

Even though this one is not entirely a sports machine, this machine comes with an adjustable suspension system that comes in handy for rebound purposes. Furthermore, it is built with a cool roof and rigid doors. Due to the four-wheel-drive manufacturing, the unit is easy to handle even on rough surfaces.


  1. Can-Am Defender HD10

Many ATV or UTV enthusiasts often complain about storage compartments. You can say goodbye to this issue because this vehicle offers you a huge cargo box, aside from the adjustable seats and plenty of storage room.



What is an ATV winch used for and other interesting facts


ATV owners like to get as many accessories as possible for their outdoor vehicles. Whenever something new appears, they are the first ones to inspect the product. The same principle applies to the ATV winch. This is indispensable if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere on your way home.

Since you probably decided to invest in a terrain vehicle you expect to ride it no matter the outdoor conditions and type of surfaces. The winch comes in handy because this unit is your best friend when facing the unexpected. If you manage to get stuck in muddy fields or in a tight spot, a strong winch lets you drive your ATV even when you encounter off-road troubles. Not to mention the fact that ATV winches can haul vehicles that are three times their size.

Any off-road enthusiast should consider a strong ATV as a good investment especially if they like to travel through harsh weather conditions or snow areas. There’s no need to worry about being stuck in tight spots, mud, water or ice.

Another great use of the best ATV winch is to attach a plow at the end of the ATV so that you can easily clear the snowed-in driveway. Instead of spending an eternity with a shovel, you’ll have excellent results in a few minutes.

There are numerous possibilities where an ATV winches can be used. When in the market for a product of this kind, you should consider the towing power and the purpose you intend to use the winch for.

For instance, if you plan on getting the snow out of your driveway you’ll most likely need the ATV winch to make a plow. Or, maybe you have other fellow off-roaders that need a helping hand, so a standard utility winch might end up being a bliss in crucial situations.

If you’ve never handled a winch, you shouldn’t be worried because it’s nothing complicated. Generally, you should take a look at the instruction manual before setting up the unit. The winch requires power from your ATV battery in order for the cable to start working. Just make sure you followed the procedures explained in the manual step by step to avoid safety issues.

There’s really no need to attach the ATV winch to the front of the vehicle everytime you take it out for a ride. You can carry it in a compartment if you have storage room. However, when you get stuck, make sure you anchor the winch to an object that can resist the force exerted while trying to pull something out of the mud, water or sand.

Once you have found that solid object, simply disengage the clutch and pull the cable from the drum. The process is similar to pulling the fishing wire on your rod.


Useful attachments for your UTV or ATV

Both ATVs and UTVs are practical vehicles usually associated with farmers and landowners because they provide tremendous benefits. You can choose to invest in a piece if you want to be certain that you’ll never have to be worried about the outside weather, especially if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. These four wheelers can get the job done in no time so make sure you choose the appropriate attachments that can improve your experience with a UTV or ATV.

If you’re into hunting, you’ll most likely enjoy using an all-terrain vehicle that comes in handy for scouting activities, setting up hunting camps, carrying harvested bucks, and crossing roads in the snow.


Because safety is crucial, you need to wear goggles and a helmet even if you bought the ATV or UTV for short trips from the camping area up until your property. You need to strictly obey the federal laws so you must always be fully protected if a crash or an accident occurs. It’s best to search for products that are certified by the Department of Transportation. Make sure you read the reviews as well because protection gear can make a difference in case of critical situations. Goggles are quite useful if you tend to use the vehicle during rain or snow and you need something to cover your eyes.

Sometimes things get rough and you may end up stuck with your ATV. Because this type of vehicle is heavy, you’ll need a powerful winch for the hauling process. This essential tool is worthy because if you happen to catch something and you need to transport it to the back of your UTV or ATV, the winch is the only way to pull the trailer. Furthermore, if you get stuck in deep, this item can extricate the vehicle and let you drive home safe and sound.



To complete the set, you need to consider purchasing a game trailer. Although the ATV trailers are a tad small, compared to those used by trucks, they can still haul a large amount of weight. For example, if you need to carry a heavy tree or bring a deer back home, the game trailer is mandatory, along with the winch, of course.

One major benefit of owning a utility vehicle is that you can use it for multiple situations, such as a sporting vehicle, a mode of transportations, and a heavy gear for hauling. If you want to be certain that winter won’t catch you off guard, you might want to check out a snow plow that can be easily mounted to your ATV or UTV. This piece of equipment is incredibly handy for clearing your way when the snow piles are high or for digging your car. Basically, these type of vehicles can be converted into extreme-weather tools that are definitely life saviors.